Joshlyn Turner has got the juice

The Write Fit founder is all about

woke apparel.

By Tigist Layne / July 10, 2018

Originally published in CityBeat Magazine


"Alpha Female,” “Girlz N the Hood,” “Black Girls Got the

Juice.” Seeing a T-shirt with these sayings might stop some

people in their tracks, but Joshlyn Turner, owner and creative

director of The Write Fit, is used to her apparel turning heads. 

“One of my customers recently told me about a time she was

at a grocery store and wearing a ‘Black Girls Got the Juice’

hoodie,” says Turner. “The guy behind her said, ‘I want some

juice,’ and she laughed and brushed it off. But as she was

walking out, he said ‘that’s false advertising.’ She told him,

‘it says we have the juice, it doesn’t say we give out the


The Write Fit, a local online clothing company for progressive peoples was established in June 2013. 

“A lot of people don’t know that it was originally going to be a greeting card business,” says Turner. “Then one day, I was at the mall and I saw this cheesy T-shirt that said something like, ‘I heart my boyfriend,’ and I knew that I could do that, but ten times better.” 

Turner’s first love, surprisingly, wasn’t for fashion. She grew up with writing as her primary way of expressing herself before becoming heavily involved in social justice and nonprofit work. Youth Empowerment, Project Aware and Detour Empowers are a few of the organizations she’s worked closely with over the years, while also staying involved in her community. 

When it came time to start The Write Fit, she wanted her brand to represent those same kinds of social values. From its tees and dad-hats, to its fanny packs and bestselling kid’s collection, the Write Fit line boasts messages of female empowerment, Black empowerment, body positivity and an underlying tone of social equality. 

“I’ve had a few people give me some pushback on the “Black Girls Got the Juice” collection because they want to know ‘well what about this race and that race,’ but it isn’t meant to criticize anybody, it’s meant to encourage and uplift Black women and Black girls,” says Turner. “When I started this company, I wanted to have a diverse lifestyle brand that connected people all around the world. One thing you will get with my brand is that there is something for everyone—all ages, all backgrounds and all races.”

With this in mind, Turner is getting ready to launch a new backpack collection, designed with The Write Fit signature look.

“I want my brand to mean something,” says Turner. “To get people thinking and to just look dope.”